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DATE: Tuesday April 2, 1029               
TIME: 5:00 – 6:00 PM
FREE TO REGISTER: https://hida4219.eventbrite.com   
This webinar will use the Zoom platform and may be accessed on computers and mobile devices that are connected to the internet. After you register, you will be emailed login instructions for the webinar.
Webinar Description: Writing is a very complex process that requires many skills. Good writers plan, revise, and implement strategies when engaging in the writing process. Students with dyslexia may struggle with writing skills that require additional instruction and intervention. In this session, the presenter will discuss the evidence-based practice of Self-Regulated Strategy Development for improving the writing of students with dyslexia. The presenter will provide several strategies for elementary and secondary students.  This session will address:

  • Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) Writing Instruction
  • Writing strategies for informative, argumentative, and narrative writing
  • Strategies for self-regulating the writing process
Webinar Presenter: Amber B. Ray, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor and coordinator of the M.Ed. Literacy Specialist program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa in the Department of Special Education, College of Education. She earned her Ph.D. in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies specializing in Special Education at Arizona State University. She has experience teaching students with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. Her research interests focus on writing and reading interventions to help students with disabilities succeed in school. She is interested in strategy and self-regulation approaches to instruction for students who struggle with learning. Amber aims to use her knowledge, gained through research, to help current educators and prepare future teachers use effective instructional techniques when teaching struggling learners and students with disabilities.

Date originally aired: February 28, 2018

Presenter: Jon Pennington, Instructional Technology Specialist Assets School

Description: Digital text can be a powerful means to engage and empower learners who struggle with reading and writing skills.  Today’s computers, tablets and phones provide a number of features and apps that enhance digital text to support literacy skills. In this interactive session, the presenter will demonstrate and discuss a range of digital tools and strategies that learners can use to enable greater literacy skill development.

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