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WEBINAR – Digital Text: A Means to Greater Literacy Development
February 28, 2018
5:00 – 6:00 pm
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This webinar will use the Zoom platform and may be accessed on computers and mobile devices that are connected to the internet. After you register, you will be emailed login instructions for the webinar.

Webinar Presenter: Jon Pennington is an innovative teacher who studies how technology can facilitate, support and enhance opportunities for learning. Jon’s primary research interests include Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and speech recognition technology. Jon has presented at numerous conferences, conducted dozens of workshops and coordinated several international student exchange programs. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Learning Design and Technology at the University of Hawai‘i while working as the Instructional Technology Specialist at Assets School. These roles are enhanced by his position as an advisory board member of Bright Bytes, a learning analytics company dedicated to improving school’s use of technology.

Webinar Description: Digital text can be a powerful means to engage and empower learners who struggle with reading and writing skills. Today’s computers, tablets and phones provide a number of features and apps that enhance digital text to support literacy skills. In this interactive session, the presenter will demonstrate and discuss a range of digital tools and strategies that learners can use to enable greater literacy skill development.

The session will address the following strategies:

1. Choosing relevant topics with personal value

2. Creating customized digital reading and writing environments based on learner preferences

3. Using multiple tools for composition and reading

4. Increasing ways to self-monitor progress and receive quality feedback

5. Minimizing distractions and threats

The session will include a demonstration of the following digital tools:

1. Google Docs with Addons and Chrome Extensions

2. Voice Dream Reader App and Writer App

3. Be Focused App

4. Learning Ally App

5. OS Accessibility Features

Free to Register – click here

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